Six LED package,Who will be the NO.1 ?

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Six LED package form unstoppable Who will be the NO.1 ?

LED package as the upstream and downstream industry-side connection point, plays a crucial role in connecting. In the LED high light efficiency, power, high reliability and low cost of development, the requirements on the package with the increase.

As a result, the packaging industry in recent years has been in the new materials, new technology and the rapid development stage of the drive, emerging packaging, technology emerging, such as EMC, COB, flip, CSP ... Who will become the king?


Business Popular--COB

COB technology has a soft light, the circuit design is simple, cost-effective, saving system space, significant cooling effect, high output and output density and other advantages.

Although it also exists chip integration brightness, color temperature modulation and system integration of technical problems, but it brings the light quality enhancement effect is currently on the market a single high-power devices can not match,

in the lighting LED light source market has considerable development potential.

Therefore, the global LED packaging companies continue to COB packaging technology upgrades, continuous optimization of COB light source product life, reliability and the key luminous efficiency.

MCOB, AC-COB, flip-chip COB and other so-called "high-quality, high efficiency, cost-effective" emerging COB technology emerge.

It is understood, COB package of bulb has occupied about 40% of the LED bulb market. Its business in the field of the obvious advantages of making it the mainstream of directional lighting solutions,

the future or will become the mainstay of the field of packaging.


King of the price--EMC

EMC is actually a change in packaging materials. It has high heat resistance, UV resistance, high integration, high current, small size, high stability,

in the field of demanding heat dissipation bulb against VU requirements of the field of high outdoor lighting and high stability requirements Backlight areas have outstanding advantages.

EMC since 2014 in the field of LED packaging introduced after the introduction of the use of indoor lighting has been greatly developed, and quickly became the SMD and COB phase "to contend with" the mainstream products.

It is understood that, EMC currently has 3030,5050,7070 several models, including 3030 price has been quite prominent, light efficiency and COB is almost the same.

The 5050,7070 can be replaced 3-7W, 7-15W COB products, and can save more than 30% of the cost of light sources.

Then there is an upgraded version of EMC - silicone material SMC, heat resistance, UV resistance than EMC's epoxy material to enhance a level, the future may be applied to flip-chip.

Although the cost of upgrading but also a corresponding increase in power, and the production process can be extended with the original EMC packaging process.

At present, the street lamp manufacturers have been gradually into the EMC, SMC packaging products, the future application of small and medium-power will have a place.

High-power advantage is obvious - flip chip, Flip chip with small size, functional performance, high reliability, fast cooling advantages,

but the early development of cost and other reasons, the downstream terminal market remained silent in recent years, technological breakthroughs to make it more and more widely used,

the Accounting for the rapid increase in market share. Most packaging companies have this packaging technology as the focus of research and development, innovation.


Backlight market speed-CSP

CSP is nowadays the most encapsulated package in the industry. It has low luminous efficiency, difficult welding, light color consistency, high cost price,

but small luminous surface, high optical density, uniform color and small volume. Of the space potential, especially in the LED bulb, LED lamp with excellent design flexibility, as the major companies compete to snatch the blue ocean market.

At this stage, CSP in the field of LED backlighting, cell phone flash market share is to maintain growth rate, but still few companies in the field of lighting to achieve mass production. Because under the premise of the same light efficiency, CSP,

whether it is light efficiency or cost-effective for the already mature medium-power SMD advantage is not obvious. And most of the current CSP is based on flip-chip development,

while the flip chip yield and light efficiency has not yet reached the effect of the chip is installed. At the same time,

the production of CSP enterprises is not enough, the scale effect is not obvious, the cost failed to fall to the universal range.

Color consistency is high-RP

(Remote fluorescent packaging technology) RP packaging technology, the relative performance is more prominent: First, the phosphor powder away from the LED chip, the phosphor is not susceptible to the impact of PN junction fever to extend the life of the light source; Second, the phosphor away from the chip design of the structure is conducive to Light extraction, improve light-emitting efficiency. Third, the spatial distribution of light color uniformity, color consistency.

In recent years, UV-triggered remote packaging technology has attracted people's attention, compared to traditional UV light source, has a unique advantage, including low power consumption, fast response, high reliability, high radiation efficiency, long life, no pollution to the environment , Compact structure and many other advantages. But relatively slow progress at present, R & D investment in the number of enterprises.

Highly integrated - AC LED

This year, SMD + IC, AC-COB become the major push enterprise packaging products, domestic packaging enterprises is particularly prominent. It seems that "packaging enterprises are no longer the main push package,

but is 'cross-border' do AC module, do integrated light source."

AC LED can reduce the cost of lighting drive 20% -30%, effectively avoid the damage caused by the drive power LED lights, and meet the simple, highly integrated development trend,

but poor heat dissipation, low stability, strobes and other issues Late failed to really market. AC LED technology breakthrough in the past two years, in particular,

Seoul Semiconductor in this area to spare no effort to promote its products have been able to improve the AC LED itself, the problem of light strobe, and can achieve intelligent lighting. to.

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