This year the global semiconductor value of more than $300 billion

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In 2012, the upstream semiconductor industry still maintain growth situation.

In the global semiconductor industry, Taiwan in IC design, IC manufacturing or IC packaging and testing of areas such as a decisive role.

In 2012 the global boom a piece of unclear, Europe, USA, mainland three big economies economic conditions have been sustained downturn present picture, consumer demand continues to falter, look be like back to the temperature of the U.S. market, recently it appears the trend of decline, electronic consumer market DiJiaHua. Be regarded as major global growth kinetic energy of mainland China, the economic growth rate (GDP) under constant practice, the international monetary fund (IMF) estimated this year only 8% of GDP mainland.


On middle and lower reaches to behave well growth rate nearly two digits

In the global macroeconomic suffered a number of negative factors under attack, extension industry research institute think, terminal brand sales manufacturers such as hongda electric, such as tornadoes of Turkey, the biggest impact was. Supply chain of the middle reaches of OEM and assembly industry, the boom of high dependence, suffer from the impact of doing it, too. Only has always stressed to high-end technology leading market semiconductor industry, may be booming impact the smallest industry.

Especially in the global intelligent mobile phone, ultrathin laptop computer (Ultrabook) driven by demand for, located in the electronics industry in the upper reaches of the semiconductor industry, the overall performance will continue to maintain growth trend. According to the estimate, the second half of 2012, semiconductor industry of IC design industry, growth rate is expected to more breakthrough two digits. IC manufacturing growth rate also have approximation double-digit standards; As for the IC packaging and testing also keep growing situation.

International research and consultants Gartner argue that the global semiconductor industry boom has appeared gradually back to temperature phenomenon, Gartner statistics, in 2011 the global semiconductor revenues of us $306.8 billion, compared with 2010 growth $5.4 billion, or 1.8%. Estimated 2012 global semiconductor revenue can amount to $316 billion, a 4% increase over 2011, the data is the fourth quarter of 2011 a reversal of the estimation to 2.2%, well above the 1.8%. "Semiconductor industry inventory correction in the first season has been completed, wafer utilization also begin to touch bottom picks up, therefore, on the whole, semiconductor boom is gradually back to a state of temperature. Gartner research vice President Bryan Lewis says, if the overall economic situation was effective control, such as the debt crisis gain control, Iran and Israel eased tensions, the Chinese economy growing steadily, 2012 would be a year of semiconductor quite strong.


Mobile device assists contribution revenue achievement

For the whole semiconductor market development trend, Gartner, thinks that in 2012 the flat media (media tablet) output is 2011 is expected to grow 78% sharply to the semiconductor revenue contribution will reach to 9.5 billion usd. Among them, the four core processor and high resolution display will be 2012 flat media mainstream key components, also will be the future IC development important products field. As for growth kinetic energy muted PC products,

2012 annual output is also expected to grow 4.7%, semiconductor revenue contribution can be us $57.8 billion.

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