2012 Years semiconductor applications market forecast

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According to IDC (international data corp.) 2012 years updated "semiconductor application prediction" (SAF), in 2012 the global semiconductor industry income will increase by 4.6% to $315 billion. The latest SAF also predict that 2013 years semiconductor industry income will increase by 6.2%, to $335 billion, and 2011-2016 years of semiconductor industry compound annual growth rate income (CAGR) through will be will reach 4.8%, and by 2016 the industry will be at the scale of 380 billion dollars.
Although the euro zone crisis facing, global GDP growth slow, compound national economic slowdown in, and many other global macroeconomic uncertainty factors, in smart phones, media flat equipment, automobile electronic device such as a field of application for semiconductor materials to demand remains strong. In addition, for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system and the next generation of smartphones in the launch later this year, the public generally have high expectations, and this also will speed up 2013 and for a time of semiconductor industry revenue growth speed.
IDC semiconductor market research manager Mali Venkatesan said: "as we earlier this year predicted that from last year, and started in the middle of the semiconductor industry cyclical downturn has been in the second quarter of 2012 hit bottom. With the processing line productivity improve, with the most advanced processing technology as the foundation of smartphone application processor and PC graphics processor independent and semiconductor product ever supply situation was ease. In addition, Thailand floods have delayed hard disk and the PC semiconductor industry has now supply, comes back from this. Intel the most cutting-edge 22 nm technology is fast development, the foundry and memory manufacturer also is ready to 22 nm technology transfer." Although these will lead to strong growth in the semiconductor industry, but Venkatesan also points out, because of the macro economic weakness, semiconductor industry short-term growth will than its previous growth in the development cycle.
From the region's market perspective, Europe is still the most of weak global development area. The American consumer market and car market of semiconductor demand is booming. Although China, India, Brazil's GDP growth has eased, but the market for smart phones, plate equipment as well as the needs of the notebook computer is still strong.
IDC semiconductor markets will be expected in the fourth quarter of 2012 restore growth, and will continue to the first quarter of 2013. Semiconductor products to the next wave of demand will grow as for tablet device of Windows 8 operating system launch, corporate IT spending increases, the next generation of smartphones, plate equipment and game launch platform, as well as to the global macroeconomic environment improvement expected there. Market recovery process will be in the second half of 2013, and for a time to accelerate.
IDC "semiconductor application prediction" of other important discoveries include:
2012 years from the computer industry semiconductor revenue will achieve annual rate of 1.5%, 2011-2016, during the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through will be will reach 3.7%. In the mobile PC semiconductor income of average annual growth rate of 5.9%, 2011-2016, during the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through will be will reach 9.6%.
2012 years from communications industry in the semiconductor revenue will achieve annual rate of 7.2%, the 5-year compound annual growth rate will reach 4.7%. 2012 of them from the years of 4 G mobile phone in semiconductor revenue growth of 579%, 2011-2016, during the compound annual growth rate will reach 97%.
Media tablet device, electronic reader, high definition LED/LCD television receiver, will be like in 2011 to continue to more than the average rate. Traditional equipment such as DVD, DVD camera, portable media players, such as video game market will continue to atrophy. Overall, 2012 years from consumer market of semiconductor income will reach the annual growth rate of 4.4%, and 2011-2016, during the compound annual growth rate will reach 5%.
In the global demand for cars drive, the semiconductor/electronic products due to the increase of (for example the information system, vehicle electronic entertainment equipment, driving safety system, and so on), expect 2012 from the car industry in semiconductor income rate will reach 9.7% over the next five years in the compound growth of 7.2%.
In semiconductor equipment, microprocessor, special standard integrated circuits (ASSP), as well as micro controller etc income growth will be higher than the semiconductor industry overall growth, although the memory of the last year the industry is from DRAM (dynamic random access memory) collapse in recover gradually, the memory especially DRAM will still continue to see negative growth.
From the region's perspective, the asia-pacific region in the semiconductor industry in the overall income share will continue to increase in 2012, the annual growth rate will reach 7% over the next five years in the compound growth of 6.4%.

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