The semiconductor industry growth will come from the wireless market in 2012

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According to IHS iSuppli company global semiconductor manufacturing and supply market tracking report 2012 wireless applications will be the savior of the global semiconductor market. Expected the application fields semiconductor business income will achieve double-digit growth, and the other six major semiconductor market the growth in the field of much smaller, or even negative growth.

2012 wireless semiconductor business income is expected to reach us $72.6 billion, more than $2011 in 65.8 billion growth of 10.3%. Expect this year only industrial electronic a field can and wireless fields, however, the semiconductor business income is expected to grow by 7.7%, as is shown in table 1. Industrial electronic field semiconductor business this year income growth actually lower than last year's 9.3%, and wireless semiconductor business income growth rate is higher than the 8.5% in 2011.

Global semiconductor business income this year is expected to moderate growth 3%, up from $312.2 billion last year to $320.8 billion.

And other than the semiconductor industry, wireless fields appear more outstanding. Cable communication field of semiconductor business income is expected to rose by only 0.7%, consumer electronics and automobile electronic field up by 1.3% and 2.7% respectively. This year there are at least two fields will present negative growth: data processing field is expected to drop 1.9%, multichip module (MCP) memory is expected to cut by 17.9%.

These forecast this year, despite a semiconductor business income conditions improve, but not common growth, growth came mainly from wireless fields. IHS iSuppli company think, actually the outside areas of wireless semiconductor manufacturing business growth rate is very small, manufacturers don't support the next generation in expanding the wireless business should have more cautious.

At the same time, semiconductor manufacturers admitted that, in the second half of 2012, the industry seems to have open the next growth cycle. Pure foundry business and integrated device manufacturers (IDM) are expected to demand in wireless fields, pushed by business will be strong growth. This wave of growth cycle of the strength and length will depend on the global economy of the performance in over the summer.

Consumer spending is closely watched. Although the summer is generally not the consumer electronic products increased spending season, but this time of year that consumers can be in the upcoming holiday season spending prospects.

For the semiconductor industry, as a more and more important and more fundamental question is, foundry relative to the strength of the IDM business increased. Foundry industry obviously has become the advanced technology and the main provider of big capacity, and IDM's pursuit of asset light manufacturing mode of IDM adverse current, and constrains its manufacturing capacity factors.

For foundry business and IDM speaking, technology and the deficiency of productivity, will make it difficult to promptly seize market in the sudden emergence of demand, led to his was the loss. However, lead to this situation in the main responsibility upon IDM, they are now forced to used more and more in the foundry business to come in front and back end manufacturing, lost relative to the financial advantage foundry business.

In the 2012 years in the rest of the time, inventory management will still be the most critical factors of concern. The manufacturer must tracking inventory days and the actual value of the inventory. If manufacturers focus only on a among them, and will lead to increase production more than demand.

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