LED light Emitting diode classification

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1. According to the light emitting light colors points

According to the light emitting light colors points, can be divided into red, orange, green, yellow, green, and further standard green and pure green), blu-ray, etc. In addition, some light emitting diode contains two or three kinds of color of the chip. According to the light emitting diode out mixed or effects in light scattering agent, nonferrous or colorless, the above all sorts of color of leds can also be divided into non-ferrous transparent, colorless transparent,vnon-ferrous scattering and colorless scattering four types. Scattering type leds and up to do with lights

2. According to shine a smooth tube features points

According to the characteristics of the smooth shine round, square lamp light points, rectangular, face glowing tube, lateral tube, surface installation with micro pipe, etc.

Circular lamp in φ 2 mm diameter is divided into, φ 4.4 mm, φ 5 mm, φ 8 mm, φ 10 mm and φ 20 mm, etc. Foreign usually φ 3 mm? Leds for T remember-1; The φ 5 mm T-1 for the Kings (3/4); The φ 4.4 mm T-1 for the Kings (1/4). By half value Angle can be estimated size circular luminous intensity distribution Angle. From the Angle of the luminous intensity distribution to points into three categories:

(1) high directivity. General pointed epoxy encapsulation for, or take metal reflection cavity encapsulation, and do not add scattering agent. Half a value for 5 ° Angle ~ 20 ° or more small, has the very high directivity, can make local lighting of the use, or with light detection device of/automatic detection system.

(2) standard. Usually makes indicator light use, the half value for 20 ° Angle ~ 45 °.

(3) scattering type. This is the indicator of larger perspective, half value for 45 ° Angle ~ 90 ° or greater, scattering large quantities of the agent.

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