Diode Working Principle

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   Crystal diode as a by p type semiconductor and n type semiconductor form the p-n ", in its interface in formation on both sides of the space charge layer, and has a self-built electric field. When there is no to an external voltage, because-n and p concentration caused by poor carriers on both sides of the current and spread from the current equal caused by electric field and be in electric drift balance. When the outside have positive voltage bias, the electric field and from the outside world electric field or each other to the spread of the carriers away effect increased current caused the positive current. When the outside world reverse voltage bias, external electric field and self-built electric field further strengthen, form in a reverse voltage range and reverse bias voltage value of reverse current I0 not saturated. When additional reverse voltage high to certain degree, p-n "space charge in the electric field strength achieves critical value of produce carriers multiply process, producing a large amount of electronic cavitation, and produced the numerical big reverse current breakdown, breakdown phenomenon called diode
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